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 A small group guide designed to help you experience what it means to be fully seen, fully known, & fully loved.


yes. I Need this.
You ache for depth & authenticity in your relationships. But while you are desperate to be known, you're also terrified of being discovered.


If only they knew that about me, they'd leave. If only they knew what I've done... or what's been done to me.
The Enemy will always try to keep you locked in the silent pit of isolation.


But community is the crucible of healing & transformation. I've experienced it & I want you to experience it, too.


Part of experiencing the love of God is seeing & feeling that love embodied in one another.


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The journey group guide format:

Note: The Journey Group Guide is designed to be used alongside my book, Stop Saying I'm Fine: Finding Stillness When Anxiety Screams. Every participant will need their own copy of the book. 



Own Your Own

Each session includes an "On Your Own" section for participants to complete prior to your weekly meeting time. These activities (such as reading a chapter of Stop Saying I'm Fine & answering reflection questions) set the foundation for your times together.

In Your Group

Each session also includes an "In You Group" section, which provides a simple schedule for your weekly meeting times. Your hour together each week will consist of group discussion, discussion in pairs, experiential acitivites, & personal reflection times. 

Bonus Materials

The Journey Group guide contains everything you need to facilitate your own group, including basic ground rules, facilitation tips, and printable handouts & worksheets for every activity you'll complete both individually & collectively. 

I'm ready to begin my journey


"The Journey Group Guide has given me a chance to connect with God, community and myself. This group has been a safe space to unpack what God has already done and is doing in and around me."


Kylie, Stop Saying I'm Fine Journey Group Participant 


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