16 Weeks

To Finding Stillness 

16 Weeks to 

Finding Stillness 

You've tried to pray & trust more.  But lately? You've just been...

trying to breathe.

Racing thoughts cloud your thinking & fuel to a sense of

spiraling overwhelm.

You unspoken not-okayness has resulted in an aching

sense of aloneness.


If you can resonate,  

this course is for you. 


Yes, this sounds like me!
You've willed yourself in & through a lot of hard things. But not anxiety. You've tried everything. Literally, everything.
You've channeled enormous amounts of energy into hiding the struggle. But your shame-fueled efforts have carved in you a deep sense of loneliness.
You often feel stuck & lost inside your anxiety. You're unsure of how to move forward, but you know you can't continue to live this way. 
You're not alone. This was my story, too.


You might feel hesitant to hope again. But there is a way to live well inside of a story where anxiety is a dominant theme.


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Note: 16 Weeks to Finding Stillness in a self-paced, online companion course to my book, Stop Saying I'm Fine: Finding Stillness When Anxiety Screams. You will need your own copy of the book.



Video Lessons

16 teaching videos with me! I share personal stories, unpack concepts from Stop Saying I'm Fine, & leave you with tools & rhythms for coping well with anxiety. We'll walk through each week, together.

Printable Guides

A 100-page workbook designed to help you dive inward & learn about yourself. Your story. The story behind your anxiety. And practical, personalized rhythms for a less anxious, more grounded life.

Bonus Audiobook

You won't be alone for the journey! Not only will you receive a video lesson with me, but also a free audio recording of me reading each chapter of Stop Saying I’m Fine to you. Go at your own pace!

I'm Ready to Dive In!
Together, we'll cover:

Week 1


Begin reflecting on the current state of your soul & practice naming any emotions that surface.

Week 2


Explore the differences between your external & internal world. Listen for messages your shame might be telling you.


Week 3


Learn how to put words to the anxiety you're experiencing. Unpack its impact on your present relationships. 


Week 4


Discover what your inner critic really is & identify the lies that might be keeping you stuck. 

Week 5


Reframe any personal misconceptions about Jesus's promise of "full life" so that you can walk with renewed hope.

Week 6


Dig deep into the role of control in your healing journey. What do trust & surrender really look like?


Week 7


Discover the self-protective role you learned play as a child & identify the ingrained belief that this role emerged from.

Week 8


Reflect on formative moments in your life so that you can more fully embrace God's invitation to deep & restorative transformation.

Week 9


Identify your avoidance style for coping with hard emotions (everyone has one!) & recognize its connection to anxiety.

Week 10


 Unpack your personal perception of God. Understand how this perception impacts your capacity to let yourself be loved by Him.

Week 11


Practice bringing yourself to silence & finding God here. Here you'll begin making small & practical shifts towards stillness.


Week 12


Identify the "not-enough" story beneath your anxiety & trace small moments of childhood pain that have contributed to this narrative. 

Week 13


Consider your posture towards grace & what it looks like to stay grounded in the loving gaze of Christ... even during triggering moments.

Week 14


Reframe what it looks like to co-exist with uncertainty. Reframe who & where God is in your anxiety: as your Co-Sufferer.


Week 15


Practice letting God's love nourish your heart. Not in spite of your anxiety, but in the very areas where you feel it the most.

Week 16


Reflect on significant moments throughout the course & consider the role of community in the continuation of your healing journey.

"If you're looking for a tender approach to change or just to understand yourself a little better, don't hesitate!"


Bobbiereader of Stop Saying I'm Fine: Finding Stillness When Anxiety Screams

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