Writing coaching that holds space for you, all of you, body, mind, and soul.


I believe that writing can be a spiritual practice. When you bring your whole self to the work, this process becomes transformative. The words you shape in turn shape you, if you allow them. I offer writing coaching that doesn't just engage your words but engages your whole self - body, mind, and soul.

This space is for all of you.

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You're facing writer's block and want to work through what's keeping you stuck. Maybe you're unsure of the direction and structure of your current project and are craving guidance for the next step in your writing life.

You're looking for feedback on your book concept and want to know if it has potential. You want to hone in on your unique writing style and voice. Perhaps you're ready to start writing a book proposal, but you have no idea where to start.

You're determined to finish your work but keep getting side-tracked and doubting yourself. You want to move forward with more clarify and confidence.You're looking for a creative and collaborative space to organize your writing life so that you can reach your writing goals.

You don't have to be alone anymore. Whether it's for a day or a month, I would love to accompany you on this otherwise solitary journey.




My Model

I offer a holistic approach to writing coaching that focuses on concept, manuscript, or book proposal development.

More About Me

My writing and publishing journey started early. After signing my first traditional book contract at 13, I went on to receive training in the areas of concept, manuscript, and proposal development from top writers and editors in the industry, including New York Times bestselling author Lysa Terkuerst and Tracie Miles, bestselling author and director of Compel Training (the writer's branch of Proverbs 31 Ministries).

My second book Stop Saying I'm Fine: Finding Stillness When Anxiety Screams was released with Leafwood Publishers in 2022. Currently, I am a contributing devotional writer at Proverbs 31 Ministries. Their daily devotionals reach millions around the globe.

In my 12 years of experience, I understand the angst of trying to navigate the writing and publishing world while simultaneously trying to navigate your own inner world of doubt, fear, and overwhelm. 

At its best, I believe that the coaching process is an expression of pastoral care.

I am in grad school, working towards my licensure in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Using my educational training and writing experience, I want to help you feel confident and empowered to craft your truest, deepest writing in order to participate with God's redemptive work through your unique calling.

One-Hour One-on-One


This is option is a 1-hr one-on-one coaching call via Zoom.

Ideal for the writer to come ready to talk about a focused problem in one of the following areas:

  • Concept development (what is the felt-need you are writing to and who is your target audience?)
  • Manuscript development (how do I structure a book project to maintain cohesion, clarity, and flow?)
  • Proposal development (How do I write a book proposal that will catch a publisher's eye?)

Upgrade: After our first coaching call, you can easily upgrade to the three 1-hr package if you found our time beneficial and would like to add additional sessions.

Your project is not limited to this list. If yours isn't included, contact me to see if this package is the right fit.

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Three-Hours One-on-One


Package includes:

  • Three¬†1-hr one-on-one coaching calls via Zoom
  • Option of scheduling calls weekly or biweekly

Ideal for the writer ready to apply techniques, get feedback, and looking for:

  • More in-depth collaboration on concept development and how to embed this in and throughout the core of your¬†manuscript.
  • More concrete suggestions¬†on manuscript structure, including the flow of chapters and how to create a sense of journey for your reader.
  • Feedback and follow-up as you build your book proposal, including what is most important to include in each section.

Your project is not limited to this list. If yours isn't included, contact me to see if this package is the right fit.

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Taylor Joy

Author, Podcaster, & Speaker