"Am I Safe if I Trust God?" with Jennifer

One of the hardest questions to answer in life is not “Does God exist?” but “Is God kind?”

Sometimes, unspeakable things happen at the hands of others. Experiences of spiritual abuse in particular shatter our ability to trust ourselves, God, others, and the world around us. When the hands that harm us embody the words and face of Jesus, it can feel as if we’ve been given the raw data that God is not good. 

Today, my friend Jennifer joins me to share her excruciating story of spiritual wounding and sexual abuse from a church leader. This conversation is both profoundly painful and profoundly beautiful. By bearing witness to the truth of her wounds, Jennifer welcomes us to see the larger truth that the Wounded One walks with us… and even if we walk away, he still walks with us. I hope you’ll listen in.

* Jennifer is currently in the process of editing and updating her book. A link will be provided below as soon as the revised edition is available.